Michael shares what his new role with HawkSoft is and gives us a glimpse of some of the new enhancements we can expect to see in their AMS software.

Bradley shares with us his career track starting with his time with a life insurance company, to Alfa, to State Farm to his current independent agency, Portal Insurance. He also shares how he and best friend, Scott Howell, began The Insurance Guys Podcast, Making the Donuts, and Top Dog Pet Insurance.

Jeff and wife Una follow in Jeff’s father and grandfather’s steps with building their agency in Clinton, Ontario. Jeff talks about looking ahead at all times to where technology is taking us and how it will impact the insuring buying public.

Susan and her husband Howard have built their agency together in the community where they have lived and grew up in. They give back to their community in many ways as volunteers to non-profit organizations. Susan talks about how they enjoy doing that and much more!

Chuck shares with Dave about his long career with Safeco Insurance Company and Liberty Mutual Insurance and how he started the Customers for Life workshop program. Now that he has retired from Safeco, Chuck has authored his book “The Remarkable Insurance Agency” and explains how 11 successful independent agencies took their business to the next level.

Kelly spends much of her time on Collabcast explaining to us how, in this current hard market, agency owners can help themselves by making improvements and taking advantage of opportunities to grow their agencies, increase retention, and boost employee morale. She focuses on the processes, systems and attitudes it takes to not only survive through this hard market, but thrive on the back end of it.