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Insurance Agency Owners Alliance is the fastest growing group of Independent Insurance Agency Owners in the country. Together we selflessly innovate and collaborate through our private Facebook group with events, webinars, videos, podcasts, luncheons, and more.

  • 9,500+ Agency Owners
  • United States & Canada Represented
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From the Industry’s Best Service Providers

IAOA has strategic partnerships with some of the best technology services providers in the insurance industry. What’s more, IAOA members get exclusive pricing for simply being members of our free Facebook group!

IOA 2022

” There are so many ways that IAOA has helped our agency throughout the years but the one that sticks out for me is the ability to use it as a custom search engine for all things related to the IA channel. Using IAOA for this purpose has saved our agency thousands of dollars, tons of time & helped us make informed decisions for all of the products we use. “


– Ryan Johnson

” IAOA has given me access to a wealth of knowledge I wouldn't have found without them. Many Agents with years of experience with carriers, customers. IAOA has given me an access to markets I couldn't obtain on my own.“


– Lynn Corning

” IAOA has been a wonderful interactive relationship since our joining. The insight provided by other agents across the country has provided awareness of carriers actions, automation (the good, the bad and the needed), marketing, rocessing, customer service tips and marketing ideas. Basically Insurance 101 to 909 with agents having experience ranging from new to many like myself over 40 years in a 3rd generation family business. “


- Michael Keating