VIVA Virtual Assistants

Point of Contact: Rob Lopez, CEO
Website: VIVA
Available Services: US & Central American Virtual Assistants & US Based Virtual Receptionists

IAOA Exclusive Discount: $100 off per month

Our Products:

VIVA Virtual Assistants
In today’s rapidly changing business environment, the local insurance agent is Under Attack!

Emerging Digital Competitors, Larger Agencies & National Carriers attempting to sell directly to consumers are all trying to put the Local Agent out of business.

VIVA allows the local insurance agent to outsource the tedious “Low to No Revenue” tasks that knock agents out of their Productivity Zone each day, and enables agents to purely focus on High Revenue generating activities thus evening the playing field for the Local Agent!

Long Live the Local Agent!
Join the Revolution!

VIVA On-Demand
Prepaid Virtual Assistant support for agents who need help now, but worry that they don’t have enough tasks to keep a Dedicated Virtual Assistant busy for 40 hours a week.

The VIVA On-Demand program is perfect for agency owners who are looking for help with quote requests, service requests, and retention activities!

Our On-Demand Team is already trained, so they can help your agency immediately!

VIVA 24/7 – Virtual Receptionists
Missed phone calls are costing your agency new customers and causing your current customers to feel like they are being undervalued! Studies show that nearly 81% of callers who are routed to an auto-receptionist or voicemail box, will hang up and most may not call back again!

VIVA 24/7 offers 24/7/365 phone coverage, handled by a US-based Virtual Receptionist that answers each call using a customized call script for your agency. Bi-lingual Operators will send you email and/or text confirmations so you can reply quickly and grow your agency faster!