Point of Contact: Andrew Wynn, co-CEO

Available Services: Automates your agency bill workflows (invoicing, premium financing, and carrier payables)

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Run an agency, not a billing center.

Ascend helps agencies streamline the messy workflows that agencies have to manage for agency billed policies. Your team is wasting time handling the payment operations for invoicing, premium financing, and carrier payables. This hurts your agency’s bottom line; servicing teams can spend up half of their time just chasing down payments instead of focusing on growing your business.

With Ascend:

– Let your clients pay in full or premium finance with one single checkout link

– Eliminate the back and forth paperwork with traditional premium financing vendors

– Automate your commission payouts and carrier payables

– Reduce non-pay cancellations by up to 95% with automated reminders

– Get full visibility into when client payments are made and when carriers/wholesalers/MGAs are funded

Customer Quotes:

“I used to spend SO much time, maybe 50% of my work day or more, on agency bill. Between tracking down unpaid installments, down payments, unpaid bills that accounting emails me to check on, etc. When we started using Ascend, I got back to helping my customers, and now I love my job even more! – Brittany Ratke, Senior Client Advocate, Christensen Group Insurance

“Agency billed payments and premium financing have always been pain points for my office as well as MANY others. I’m thrilled to have Ascend handle two important items in our tech stack. Ascend helps us to be significantly more efficient and profitable for E&S and agency billed accounts. Our insureds appreciate the streamlined experience, too!” –– James Jenkins, Founder & CEO, RiskWell