Monica Adwani

Monica AdwaniI was born and raised in Puerto Rico before moving to Massachusetts in 2007. I graduated from the lnterAmerican University of Puerto Rico with degrees in information management, medical coding, and business management. and then to Fisher College in Boston.
My education and inquisitive mind were the driving forces for my entry into the insurance industry. I am enthusiastic about community, education, and operational excellence.

As a young and dynamic leader devoted to development, innovation, and change, it is my goal to continue making a major impact by changing the way we think and operate. My goal is not only to increase inclusivity and diversity but also to provide a new perspective that will help individuals lead, manage, and operate differently by promoting accountability, diversity, and inclusivity while applying efficient processes to push their organizations to achieve maximum profitability.

I am a proud partner of Savvital, an independent virtual professional firm that helps businesses achieve new levels of profitability by outsourcing jobs and hiring low-cost employees. In addition, I am a proud partner at BRZ Insurance, a tech-based independent insurance agency dedicated to assisting the Latinx community to secure their assets in their native language by providing insurance in real time. I wish to continue building safe spaces for women and business entrepreneurs to flourish, grow, and transcend without boundaries. TranscendWithM, my podcast, is dedicated to telling the stories of incredible women who are willing to share their experiences of resiliency, impact, and growth.

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