Jeff and Una Roy

Jeff and Una Roy

Jeff Roy

As a leader and coach, Jeff is fueled by three things-technology, people and big ideas. He also believes that the key to innovation as an entrepreneur is best measured by the number of times you’ve tried something new -and your takeaways when things don’t go as planned.

What gives Jeff and his Excalibur team their edge? His peers believe it’s his refusal to wait for someone else to make a difference. In 2016 Roy and his team won a contest designed to encourage groundbreaking ideas on how technology can enhance the insurance industry (their winning idea became the A viva Ally product). In 2018 Excalibur was recognized as the first-ever Safeco Agent of the Future and was the marketing agency of the month in Rough Notes Magazine ( only the 3 rd. brokerage in Canada in 142yrs to earn the publication’s cover story.

Jeff currently sits on the IBAO, IBAC, CSIO Innotech, CBN technology committees -and has spoken to over 12000 agents and brokers across Canada and the USA, sharing his Company’s journey and best practices. He does a podcast called the digital insurance pint podcast that serves as a channel for brokers, insurers and vendors to engage in solution-driven discussions. Recently he joined the 101 Westland Labs insurance Accelerator.

Una Roy

She faces every obstacle, with Everest-like expectations.

In fact, after more than 22 years in the insurance industry, don’t even think about throwing a challenge in Una’s path unless you’re looking for serious results. Some call it leadership – but those who know her best will simply tell you she’s always had a knack for creating repeatable success and attracting the right people.

The reality? Regardless of context, Una loves building a game plan that increase the odds of winning.
As chair of fund raising for Clinton Hospital Foundation she has ran 4 hospital gala’s. She’s proven that a well-designed system can attract and empower people to achieve the unexpected. The result? She and her team of volunteers raised an unprecedented $1,00,000 in a community with only a population of 3200. As Excalibur’s VP of Operations she’s came to the same conclusion years ago – talent doesn’t find you by chance. Una believes that first you need to know “what you stand against”, and then you need to engineer a system that makes it easier to attract and inspire like-minded people who live to make a difference.

As a coach, leader, colleague, wife, mom, volunteer and friend – when it comes to finding a better way to help, Una’s always been hardwired for success.

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