Congratulations. You are being invited to join Agency Advantage.

Agency Advantage is a secret mastermind on Facebook exclusively for independent insurance agency owners.

You were unanimously selected by a secret committee of your peers to join because you demonstrated the ability to add tremendous value to conversations and issues that face our industry and livelihood.

It is also believed that you can be trusted to keep a secret.

As a member of the group, your benefits include:

  • Earlybird rates to the INNOVATION conference starting in 2020
  • Monthly 15-minute video interviews with a group member on a topic of interest.
  • A deeper dive into training on platforms and tools used by members
  • More templated resources.
  • Access to a stronger community.

What separates this group from other free insurance groups online is the depth of content and the elevated discussions that we have. There is a greater sense of security surrounding sensitive topics and challenges that we all face in our businesses.

Because it is a paid, invite-only group, the members are the best of the best in the industry.

Conversations are deeper because we trust each member to keep not only the discussions private but also the very existence of the group private.

The cost is $24.95 a month and the payment will be debited each month on the monthly anniversary date of your joining.

Upon joining, you will receive an email as a receipt, as well as another email with instructions on how to join.