The Kindness Revolution

Point of Contact: Dave Daily, Director of Recruitment
Website: The Kindness Revolution
Available Services: Cause marketing for insurance agents by leading with Kindness

IAOA Exclusive Discount: We will eliminate our $199 one time enrollment fee for all IAOA members!

The Kindness Revolution™ is a national not for profit organization, based in Tennessee, that is 100% funded by a business membership called Community Champions. Our mission is to bring back the sorely needed values of dignity, respect and kindness to the workplace, schools and everyday life. It’s our starting point in shaping kind behavior. The cost is less than a business card size ad in the paper no one would see.

We work exclusively with only one agency in a community making that agency very different from the competition.

There is a major un-kindness revolution going on in the US today. when we kick off TKR in a community through social media it creates a groundswell. Everyone wants to get involved including schools, teachers, PTA’s, churches, youth groups, companies and even the media. Everything happens through our one local partner. TKR helps agencies grow in ways most can’t imagine.

Read the email below from an independent agency in San Angelo, TX:

Good Morning Dave,

Just left the meeting with the head of the ISD in our town, and it went GREAT!!! We will be helping them implement the Kindness Revolution in all of the elementary and junior high schools next week! We are going to do a big kick off at each school during the morning shows. TKR is awesome!

Roxie Whigham – Owner, PK Kelley Insurance