The Kotter Group

Point of Contact: Benjamin Cornish, Director, Business Development
Available Services: VoIP unified communication platform (Texting, voice, video, file share, time clock, quote management, etc)

IAOA Exclusive Discount Code

Use the group code IAOA for a 10% discount on each month’s user fees.

We believe that relationships matter, and with Bridge, we bring together in one place a whole range of easy-to-use tools to allow people to connect and build relationships in the ways they prefer. Imagine taking the best communication apps available and combining them all into one single app. Bridge helps agencies increase sales by differentiating themselves from the competition. With Bridge, agents can reach out in the ways their clients and prospects prefer: VoIP phone, texting, video calls, Facebook Messenger, chat, and screen share. Now that’s real service.

Bridge helps agencies boost productivity by funneling documentation from all of their communications (voice, text, chat, video, social, file share, etc.) straight into their management system. It also provides a complete cloud file storage solution that also includes the ability to securely send and receive large files.

Bridge dramatically reduces errors and omissions risks for agencies. Agency owners can increase productivity and mitigate E&O exposure by knowing exactly what is going on in their agency. Using Bridge, they can easily supervise and train employees, including monitoring what is on the employees’ screens.

Bridge is a cloud-based app that replaces an agency’s current phone system and provides a suite of other communication and management tools. With Bridge, any endpoint can function as a phone: a hard phone on the desk, a headset, a cell phone, a tablet, a webcam, or any PC with a speaker/microphone or earbuds/microphone. All that is needed is an Internet-connected device.

Since 1996, The Kotter Group has empowered independent P&C insurance agents through technology, helping them build relationships and maximize the benefits of cloud computing. Over 5,000 agents use The Kotter Group’s services, with more joining each day.