The BAB Group LLC

Point of Contact: Shelia Brumlow, Business Development Director

Available Services: We provide agency owners time and peace of mind. We handle their Accounting, Payroll and Taxes for busy owners, giving them more time to grow their business.

IAOA Exclusive Member Discount:  10% off services

The BAB Group LLC is a proactive, virtual accounting firm focused on small businesses and their owners. We are a full-service firm offering Bookkeeping, Tax , Payroll, CFO and Business Advisory services. We believe that having accurate, up to date financials and the advisory of our experienced team will help them make better decisions. We offer scalable, affordable accounting packages to help agency owners start, grow or transform their business.

Our proactive approach means you have the latest numbers to know the story they tell and the KPI’s to spot trends and help in making informed decisions on all aspects of the business. With the BAB Group, entrepreneurs can save precious time with our services and be laser focused on growing the value of their most important asset, their business.

Our firm stands out for its rich tapestry of expertise in accounting, financial operations, and a broad spectrum of business sectors, underpinned by our team’s personal journey as small business owners. This unique combination offers our clients not just expert financial advice but also practical, tailored solutions to a wide array of business challenges. Our team excels in taxation and financial strategy with over 20 years of experience, bringing invaluable insights from previous roles in business management and operational consulting.

We can tailor the services you need and grow with you ,our team works closely with you to understand your business and provide tailored solutions