Rocket Referrals

Point of Contact: Torey and Carl Maerz, Founders

Rocket Referrals is a cloud-based software company founded and based out of Des Moines, Iowa that automates the process of increasing sales via referrals, cross-sell, and up­sell opportunities for service companies. Rocket Referrals deploys a multi-pronged approach to referral marketing drawing on targeted and psychology-driven content across email, social media, and direct mail.

Find & engage top promoters

Identify your top promoters and convert them into raving ambassadors. We send the right message at the right time to get the most out of your loyal clients.

What’s more, find unhappy clients that could be turning new business away from you and turn them into your top promoters.

  • Determine your “Net Promoter Score”
  • Find and eliminate ‘detractors’
  • Quickly view the value of your top promoters
  • Keep your promoters promoting