Point of Contact: David Watson; Founder/CEO

Website: http://www.riskadvisor.insure

IAOA Member exclusive discount:  $30 off per month for life + a 14 day Free Trial 

Available Services:   RiskAdvisor is an online risk profile platform that will help your Personal Lines agency in 3 ways.

1.) Our risk profile forms guide your agents to ask the appropriate underwriting questions. This is great for agencies that want to help their clients understand their risks.

2.) We make it easy to send comprehensive information to virtual assistants and brokers. With click and send, you can send this information to the right destination at one time. This saves your team time which saves your agency money.

3.) With our quick and easy renewal process all you have to do is duplicate an existing risk profile. Doing this prefills all the important underwriting information protecting your team from mistakes. Update any new information and click and send.