ReferMe IQ

Point of Contact: Nick Velardi, Director of Business Development
Website: ReferMe IQ
Available Services: The ReferMe IQ Solution drives the key behaviors of referral success in an easy to use automated platform

IAOA Exclusive Discount

Full waive of the setup fee ($250 off of current $250 set up fee) & 2 months free for annual sign ups ($500 total is $100 off of $600 total).

ReferMe IQ is passionate about helping insurance professionals build high growth, referral-based businesses.

We represent 50+ years of successful relationship marketing experience as senior leaders and entrepreneurs. Our platform combines this experience with best in class technology to automate the most effective referral process available.

Here is what we know:

  1. Relationships must get asked (83% would refer if asked)
  2. Relationships must be motivated to refer (need to create relevant incentives)
  3. Relationships must introduce and recommend (difficult and awkward for most)
  4. Referral needs to become interested (traditional methods are outdated and ineffective)
  5. Need to create an easy path for the referrals to request contact (rarely happens)

*Less than 11% of businesses have a system to consistently execute the 5 behaviors.

The ReferMe IQ Solution:

  • Drives all 5 key behaviors necessary for success
  • Totally automated – once set up it is “set and forget”
  • 100% based on relationships – to optimize the transfer of trust and credibility
  • Is personal and authentic leading to high engagement
  • Makes everything easy for users, referral sources and referrals


  • Much easier way to acquire targeted referral clients based on modern consumer preferences
  • Incremental activity and business from existing clients, new referral clients, and network
  • Lower cost per lead, cost per new client
  • Increased conversion of leads not converted from prior marketing
  • Attractive ROI and revenue growth