RD Advisory Group

Point of Contact: Don Polczynski, Partner
Website: https://rdadvisorygroup.com
Available Services: Agency Custom Financial Officer and Leadership Guidance Programs

IAOA Exclusive Discount!

Agency CFO Essential Program set-up fees waived: $5,000 Savings

RD Advisory Group’s married partners and authors Roe and Don Polczynski have joined forces to bring independent insurance agencies an incredible array of financial and organizational expertise.

Don works with the CEO and senior leadership to ensure a clear financial strategy is in place, maximizing financial opportunities with carriers, teams and clients. While there are virtual and fractional CFO’s available in the world, RD Advisory Group’s Agency CFO program is uniquely developed for independent insurance agencies. Using Don’s history of being a Chief Financial Officer while performing almost every leadership role in an insurance agency, this program has the industry insider knowledge that others lack. Simply put – Don speaks the language. The expertise he offers allows him to intuitively find financial opportunities that are often overlooked. Otherwise known as the “money lying on the floor” of your agency.

True financial excellence can’t be achieved without organizational excellence. That’s where Roe steps in with RD Advisory Group’s Leadership Guidance! Their current clients have benefited from her expertise in organizational development for strategic planning, team development initiatives, senior leadership mentoring, and sales coaching. She works on ensuring the agency has the right people in the right seats, has a culture that will ensure high client and employee retention and works 1:1 with the team to create a vibrant sales culture and an amazing customer experience.

Only when you have the whole package, financial and organizational excellence, do you have an agency that is successful, scalable and transferable.