Pareto Labs Learning Inc

Point of Contact: Tommy Moreno, CEO

Available Services: How would you like to learn how to read financial statements in less than an hour? Or develop a brand strategy for your business in just 30 minutes? Or to learn how to quickly value your business and know what it’s potentially worth? Are you ready to hire staff and want the quickest and surefire way to find the best people?

IAOA Member Discount:  IAOA Exclusive Member Offer: Pareto Labs is offering a 14 day free trial followed by a month of unlimited access for FREE (that’s 6 free weeks!).
The monthly price after that is only $14/mo if you want to continue (but you can cancel any time).    PROMO CODE: IAOA

Brought to you by the investors of Masterclass, Pareto Labs is an online business learning platform containing a wealth of video content to help business owners, entrepreneurs and non-MBAs learn practical business skills. Many of our power users are independent insurance agency owners that have found our content to be extremely valuable in helping them immediately gain hard and soft business skills so critical to running and growing a business.

These on-demand video modules are short (between 20 and 60 minutes) and are super engaging, breaking down complex topics in plain English so business owners and employees can use the knowledge immediately. Our lessons also feature leaders in Fortune 500 companies and founders of billion-dollar startups.