Motorcycle Towing Services L.C

Point of Contact: Jeff Riley, Owner/Manager
Available Services: Roadside assistance for motorcycles only. Coverage is for any vehicle classified as a motorcycle, from a scooter to a 3-wheel vehicle.


MTS is a “Motorcycle Only” roadside assistance company and we take pride in that. It is the MTS philosophy that if a rider requires roadside assistance, they should have the expectation that the service provider should be swift, safe, reliable and knowledgeable regarding motorcycles and how to tow them.

We have worked for years to establish and maintain a reliable database of specific motorcycle towing providers. We’ve developed strong relationships and a healthy respect throughout the motorcycle community (dealers, towing providers, riders etc.) through and for the services we provide.

After twenty-eight years, that commitment to the motorcycle community is stronger than ever. MTS provides emergency roadside assistance throughout North America, including Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.

MTS covers all roadside assistance needs including towing, jump starts, fuel deliveries, accidents and vandalism. MTS covers manufacturers, dealerships, rental companies, insurance companies and individuals.