Point of Contact:  Wes Aref

Website: www.leadstown.com

Available services:  Live Leads for Property and Casualty

IAOA Exclusive Discount:  $100 off any package

What we do is call out to single-family homes and guarantee our clients will be speaking to the actual Homeowner. We never use internet leads, recycled leads, or bidding leads. Everything we draft is organic- we are always the first to speak to the Homeowner. With the way we draft our leads; we are not a high- volume company. We really focus on Quality of the leads rather then Quantity.

When we get the Homeowner on the line, we are letting them know that we have an insurance agent offering them a free quote. The Homeowner needs to give us consent to accept the quote as well as verify all of their information. Once the Homeowner accepts the quote; we lead with the Home and cross-sell with the Auto. If the Auto is involved, we do guarantee 12 months of consecutive coverage.

Once we pass over the Homeowner to the Insurance agent, we are one of few to carry ourselves 100% accountable for all the leads we deliver. If the Homeowner withdrawals for any reason, they no longer want the quote, they disconnect, they don’t have time for the quote; They are not the Homeowner (even if they claimed they were), They don’t have the 12 months of consecutive coverage (even thought they claimed they did); or they don’t want to provide any additional information to build the quote- all of these would be eligible for refund and our clients will have 10 days to request that refund.

We do forecast about a 20% close rate with over 90% of that to be multi-line lead opportunity (Both the Home + Auto)