IdealTraits Inc.


Point of Contact:  Jeff Sophiea, Insurance Hiring Expert

Available Services:  Personality Assessment / Job ad posting / All in one hiring platform

IAOA Exclusive Discount:  $499 Quarterly package. $999 Annual package, if you are an IAOA member we offer 10% off your annual package.

IdealTraits helps agencies hire ideal candidates. We’re passionate about finding you the people you need to be a top-performing agency. We’re not a headhunter or recruiter, we’re an insurance-specific hiring platform. We’ve helped over 13,000 agencies find over 5 million candidates, and hire over 60,000 top performers.

You can build job postings in minutes with our built-in effective job templates. Once you click the post button the job ad will go out to all of our partners such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Monster and hundreds more. It can also be linked to your company website and social media.

You will be able to manage all your candidates with our built-in tracking system. Allowing you to rank, organize, and send out pre-populated emails such as our built-in offer letter.

After an applicant applies, they will be sent our agency-focused personality assessment so you can get behind the resume and pre-screen candidates for key performance traits. You’ll easily and accurately be able to see how candidates fit the personality you are seeking. We recommend to all of our clients to assess their staff and themselves to see how they match up to the candidates applying. This will allow an agent to see which candidates match up to their agency culture the best.