IAOA Market Access

Point Of Contact:  Dave Jackson, Founder

Available Services:  IAOA Market Access is an independent insurance network operation exclusively for IAOA members, supporting and facilitating relationships between insurance carriers, top insurance vendors, and independent insurance agencies across the United States.

With multiple silos covering various elements in the independent insurance agency industry, IAOA Market Access has positioned themselves to be a valuable asset for all participating in the organization. The disruptive mindset that IAOA Market Access brings to an industry riddled with traditional thinking breaks the mold for how networks are bringing value to all key stakeholders.

With so many aggregators in the industry, the options were plentiful for agents to consider. However, these organizations all had historical contracts that restricted the member agency in some way. The various restrictions could be in the form of large entry fees, buyouts, or policy ownership. Regardless of the hook, IAOA Market Access is determined to break down these barriers and help its agency members to successfully operate without such restrictions.
The common reaction from prospective members is, “what’s the catch?” The reply is simple, “nothing!” Agents, carriers, and IAOA Market Access members find out quickly that the relationships created within this network is designed to help all parties thrive and succeed together. There is no underhanded money grab by any one party, but rather, we come together and help each other succeed. IAOA Market Access is breaking barriers and exceeding expectations and has no intention of slowing down the constant innovation and development.