IA Valuations


Point of Contact:  Jodie Shaw, Director of Business Development

Available Services: IA Valuations focuses on valuation-based planning and is designed to help independent insurance agency owners realize and maximize their value. We help agents determine their fair market value, plan for internal perpetuation and sale, handle external sales and offers through Agency Link, and provide other related business consulting services.

“IA Valuations offers a fair-market valuation to independent insurance agency owners across the country. We also offer a discounted renewal valuation to all agencies who want to get an updated valuation within 2 years. On top of the valuation services, IA Valuations has Agency Link to connect buyers and sellers to further the growth and strength of the IA system as well as additional business consulting services.”

You wouldn’t leave money on the table anywhere else, so why would you do it with your agency? Basing your agency’s value on industry folklore can be costly. Simply believing that your agency is worth some multiple of revenue (2x) could be an expensive mistake. So many factors go into a true calculation of agency value. Don’t guess on your agency’s value. Get a professional analysis and complete a valuation.

Our team of trusted agency advisors is eager to help you achieve your business and valuation goals with your agency. As you plan for the future of your agency, we want to be part of helping you make informed business decisions based on the independent fair market value of your agency.