Point of Contact: Andy Mathisen, CMO
Website: GloveBox
Available Services: Consumer facing agency branded mobile app

IAOA Exclusive Discount: 20% off of the flat monthly rate

There is a problem brewing inside of the independent insurance channel…clients are confused! “Who is my agency?” “Who is my carrier?” “How do I access my policies?” “How do I pay a bill?” “How do I start a claim?”

The gap between client, agency, and carrier is apparent and as former agency owners the GloveBox team came together to provide a modern solution to this problem.

Now is the time to keep your agency front and center before and after a sale in a modern form.


Access to all carrier service portals in one platform.
Branded to the Agency.
On demand access to Policies & ID Cards.
Carrier and policy # provided in-app for easy registration with carrier.
Direct Bill-Pay Functionality.
Easy Agent/Agency referral.
Service request form in-app.
Get a quote form in-app.

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We are confident you’ll be impressed with the interface, automation, and value for you and your client base. Not only is our technology unprecedented in how it operates but we take the extra step to roll out to your clients on your behalf leading to a high client adoption and no lift on your end.

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