General Acceptance Corporation







Point of Contact : James Makela, National Sales Manager

Available Services: Premium Financing

IAOA Exclusive Discount: We will offer IAOA members our lowest rates available. This is based on our current cost of funds.

General Agents Acceptance Corp is a family-owned premium finance company.

We have financed insurance premiums for over 28 years.

We offer very competitive rates & exceptional service.

Our program allows 30 days for the insureds to pay. *This is typically 10 days more than your current finance company.

The 10 extra days allows us more time to follow up.

Your insured will be notified 3 times before cancelling.
Including a phone call to the insured.

Our phone call reduces your E&O exposure.

We contact your agency twice before cancellation.

More time & more follow up equals less cancellations.

Are you trying to find what MGA is offering a specific insurance carrier? We work with dozens of insurance wholesalers.

Do you want to know what company is offering a certain type of coverage? We may be able to help you find what you are looking for.

Are you shopping for your agency’s Errors & Omissions Insurance? We work with companies that specialize in Insurance Agent E&O coverage.

One of the E&O programs includes a Deductible Waiver & Lawyer Hotline.

Let us help you find an E&O policy with more coverage for less money.

We save you money, provide you better service, reduce your E&O exposure & increase your retention.

Please finance your insurance premiums with General Agents Acceptance Corp.