Freedom Through Systems LLC


Point of Contact: Joe Hagan, Founder
Available Services: Agency workflow systemization and procedures, marketing & sales process control, personal coaching available on limited basis

Eradicate The Chaos And Enjoy Your Most Profitable Agency!

Your agency was supposed to be your ticket to financial independence and personal freedom … right?  So, what happened?

For far too many agency principals, it’s turned into a 6-or-7-days-a-week stressful obligation … and that’s just to keep it going.

The great news is you CAN have the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.  Yes, you CAN have an agency that thrives without your constant involvement.

How? By seeing through to the very core of this most important truth …

What holds you back from any meaningful growth or personal relief is this … it’s the maddening chaos that permeates the very fabric of your organization and day-to-day operations.

You already sense that fact. And the truth is …

Lack of systems and procedures – done the right way – is THE barrier to the growth and personal freedom every agency owner desires. Period.

No matter where you are in your agency’s life cycle … whether you’re just starting from scratch or drowning in a team of 200 – and everywhere in between – TRUE business systems are THE answer to your most desperate problems.

Every agency owner knows it. You just don’t know how to fix it … until now …

Enter Freedom Through Systems® … created just for insurance agency owners like you.

As a fellow agency owner, I toiled for YEARS  to develop sound business systemization principles into workable solutions for our unique agency environment! Now the Freedom Through Systems® Program for Insurance Agency Owners delivers real results for YOU, too!

“Inside were real solutions to my agency problems, not a bunch of feel good, motivational fluff that I’d seen before.” – David Sanor, Sanor Insurance

“It’ll be the best investment in your Agency that you’ve ever made!” – Steve Gannon, Gannon Insurance

“We’re writing more business because the people that should be more focused on sales finally are.  Conceptually, that idea makes perfect sense.   But Joe’s program makes it happen in reality. Thank you for releasing my agency’s productivity.” – Mark Reilly, Reilly Insurance

“You have shown us a better way and a path to a new and better agency and quality of life, for that I am truly grateful.” – Jim Groninger, Groninger Insurance

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