The Flood Insurance Guru

Point of Contact: Chris Greene, President
Website: The Flood Insurance Guru
Available Services: Flood insurance, flood education, flood mitigation, and flood zone change services

IAOA Exclusive Benefit: 40% of carrier commission rate on new business and renewal

The Flood Insurance Guru is a company that focuses on everything flood with an educational approach. Having a severe learning disability is where my passion for educating others comes from. When you combine this with my educational background in flood mitigation, it makes us everything flood. You see not only do we specialize in everything flood but I also had a bad experience when it comes to buying a property in a flood zone. I promised myself many years ago that I would stop others from having the same experience. We feel its important for agents to know what the true flood risk is on a property is as every property is in danger of flooding. We use this educational approach in three areas the flood insurance side, the flood continuing education side, and our flood consulting side where we help property owners with mitigation products and flood zone disputes.

Flood is one of those areas that most either don’t understand or don’t want to. Its our goal to help give you a good understanding of it and make it as simple as possible.