Dynamic Divaz

Point of Contact:  Shelley Grandidge

Website : https://www.dynamicdivaz.com

Available Services: Sales and Business Training for Women Agency Owners

IAOA EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT:   10% for all IAOA members and 20% for annual plans.

TAKE ACTION! Things that work take you a step closer to your goals.
We are going to teach you everything that we did and are currently doing to create wealth and freedom for our families all while continuing to reinforce powerful and true beliefs for ourselves and other women in the insurance industry! In this course you’ll learn:

How to set your goals and how to meet them. Honing in on what you truly want and simplifying the rest is key to your success!
The art of leveraging your time and automating your workflow.
How to ONLY meet with qualified and committed prospects.
How to create a stream of endless referrals without ever buying a lead – EVER!
The art of closing – how to prepare, visualize, and take control of the room!
Why taking care of your #1 asset, YOU, is crucial to happiness, health, wealth, and fulfillment