Cole X-Dates

Point of Contact: Ken Stopak, Director, Strategic Partners
Available Services: Join Cole X-Dates today and increase your lead generation. Month after month, you will see how easy it is to generate quality leads. You will also discover how quickly it pays off for itself – not only in the quantity of leads you put in your pipeline, but also the many ways to use our high-quality data to help you grow commissions.

IAOA Exclusive Discount

Exclusive member discounts based on agency access and users.

Any top producer will tell you that to grow your business, you need to have more meaningful conversations everyday with new prospects.

Cole Information has had a 70-year history of helping small business grow databases. Through our partnership with IAOA, you can get access to unlimited landlines, cell phones and emails.

Cole X-Dates can help your agency increase prospecting and marketing efforts. Receive access to expiration dates on homeowner policies and auto information that will allow you to build relationships with potential clients.

Work toward your agencies goals and start using Cole X-Dates today!

The opportunities are endless. No other company in the country provides a truly unlimited cell phone and email database. See for yourself how many cell phones and emails we have in your area.