Broker Buddha

Point of Contact: Jason Keck, CEO
Available Services: Online ACORD and Supplemental Smart Forms via our cloud-based software platform.

IAOA Exclusive Discount

IAOA members get a 10% discount on first year of Broker Buddha services

Selected as a Top 10 InsureTech platform of 2017 by Insurance CIO Magazine, Broker Buddha is a next-generation customer engagement platform for independent insurance brokers and captive agents, proven to increase customer retention and close rates while saving time. By moving the application & renewal process into an interactive, customer friendly (Lemonade-like) online experience, we also help them impress clients and build better relationships.

The Broker Buddha technology identifies common questions across different forms, so applicants no longer have the doctor’s office-like experience of answering the same questions on different forms. The technology also simplifies the renewal experience by pre-filling renewal applications with the prior year’s data.

Our interactive, customer-friendly, online Smart Forms allow you to collect information required for ACORD forms and supplementals faster and easier.