Bluewave VOIP

Point of Contact: Charlie Griffin, Owner
Available Services: Reliable VoIP for Independent Insurance Agencies with exclusive integrations for agency management systems like EPIC, AMS360, and QQCatalyst

IAOA Exclusive Discount Code

$250 bill credit

Telephone systems have evolved over the years but still remain one of the most complex systems any business has in its office both to install and maintain on a continuous basis. Talking on the phone to a person still has to happen in order for policies to be written. Also, every minute your phone system is down, it costs you a great deal of money right?

My partners and I have been providing phone service for over 25 years and remember what it was like to look a customer in the eye at the grocery store and know our product played a big part in keeping their business running. This is one reason we have only seasoned technicians specifically trained in the telephone business to support our customers.

We do VoIP for independent agencies and absolutely nothing else (over 5500 as a matter of fact). That is our value!

We learned the lesson of “jack of all trades-master of none” years ago which is why you won’t find auto dialers, time clocks, quote systems, lead management, etc. as part of our offering.

Reach out to us and see for yourself.