Angela Adams Consulting





Point of Contact: Tracy Knight, Marketing and Administrative Manager

Available Services: Advisory, Accounting, Insurance Specialist Services

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Angela Adams Consulting is the premier resource for independent agencies providing advice, custom solutions, and remote services related to front and back-office insurance agency operations.

Our elite team of consultants, accountants, and insurance specialists have real insurance agency experience. We pride ourselves on moving beyond obstacles created by software, outdated processes, or inexperience. We understand that each client has a unique culture, goals, market segments, and environment, so we work hard to customize solutions that will yield the best results for their distinct needs.

We are continually focusing on increasing knowledge and making sure our clients are receiving the absolute best advice. Hundreds of agencies across the country know they can always count on our team for the right answers and the best solutions. We earn and maintain their trust because we genuinely care about their success and what is best for the independent agency.

It is hard to list our services because we partner uniquely with each one of our clients. Here are some of the services we offer that have made us a trusted partner in other agencies like yours:

  • System utilization reviews
  • Agency operations review
  • Virtual operations management
  • Full-Service Accounting
  • Accounting Clean up or data entry
  • Full-Service Insurance Specialist processing
  • Procedure manual writing and review
  • In-person, remote, or on-demand training services

When was the last time you felt like someone outside your agency understood what your team needed to be successful? We get it! We don’t sell software, like you, we sell peace of mind…yours. With Angela Adams Consulting, you can feel confident that your team has the knowledge and ability to service your clients and grow your business. Our goal is to see agencies just like yours be more successful.