Lift Local

Point of Contact: Maurice Maxwell, Marketing Director
Available Services: Review generation, customer retention, win backs, and social media management

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Lift Local helps agencies generate more positive online reviews. More reviews mean more potential to capture consumers who are searching for insurance in your area. We create customized campaigns to generate a consistent flow of public reviews to sites like Google or Facebook.

We filter feedback from customers to ensure the negative reviews are being sent to you privately to improve retention while the positive reviews are posted publicly online.

We also help you resell your former customers. Our ‘win backs’ campaigns are customized to your agency and are highly effective at getting terminated customers re-engaged and back on board.

The best part of our service is that it’s completely hands-off for you. We create, manage and monitor your campaigns to ensure we’re driving results. You already have enough on your plate, and don’t need another software or process to manage. Your account manager will reach out to you consistently to provide reports on our progress. We work fast so you can start reaping the rewards immediately.