Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider

Point of Contact: Ali Roller
Website: https://daveramsey.com/elp

Ramsey Solutions provides biblically based commonsense education and empowerment that gives hope to everyone, in every walk of life.

Product/Service: We have the best referral program in the country.

Do you have what it takes to be an Endorsed Local Provider?

  • Have the heart of a teacher, not a salesperson
  • Are in good standing with state and professional organizations
  • Have an established and proven practice

Why ELP?

ELPs earn Dave’s endorsement with outstanding service and a proven track record.

Being an ELP isn’t easy; it’s hard work because ELPs are held to a higher standard of customer service. While ELPs do pay a fee, Dave’s endorsement is earned. We have a team that interviews potential ELPs several times and provides support to ensure your ELP gives you an outstanding level of service.

ELPs are true pros and are easy to understand. Our ELPs have the heart of a teacher. You can trust your ELP to provide excellent customer service, be easy to talk to, and treat each Dave fan like a friend.